Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nail Decals #2

I have 2 mani today.... the 1st one is not as good as i expect... a nail foil. Its a disaster :( the foils not sticking on my nails and when I apply the topcoat its not shiny anymore :((  So i decided to change it.... since i have so many nail decals i choose the 1 with most colors... i want to have more colors right now for me to be inspired and get more ideas needed in the job. My decals didn't disappoint me.... a yellow base color then have the decals final touch of a top coat... viola!!!


Lígia * said...

Hi!!I Loved that nails! I think you're very talented! Thank's for fallowing me, I'm fallowing you too!
Keep on going =) I want to see more *

Sylvia said...


Agata said...

I also love yore nails and i also think youre very talented ^^


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